Success Stories

The following testimonials are from men and women who have found hope
at the Hendersonville Rescue Mission


“There are many ways the Hendersonville Rescue Mission has given me inspiration: 1. Gave me hope where there was none. 2. That with God, I can do anything. 3. Don't give up and never stop trying. 4. Not to be so down on myself. 5. That I can change my life. 6. I don't have to lie or be ashamed. 7. I can start to like the new me. 8. THAT I AM SOMEBODY.”
–Johnnnie M.

“When I was facing eviction, my children were scared, and I was, too. We came to the mission, though I felt I had failed the children by becoming homeless. Everyone at the mission made me feel better, and I was told that God had a plan for me. I feel good learning more about God and what He does for us. Now, I have a good job and am actively looking for housing. I know with God I can do anything, but without Him, my life would be full of sin and depression. After accepting God into my life, I am a new person with a new outlook on life. Being here at the mission has really opened my eyes to the Lord, and I thank Him and the mission for this blessing. Now, instead of feeling like a failure, I know God has a plan. My life and my children's future will all come together in His time.  ”
–Vicki R.

“*I wish to thank the staff and the members at the Mission for such a pleasant six month stay. The structure of the Hendersonville Rescue Mission helped clean me up, and it has brought me closer to the Bible than I have ever been. The Mission is the perfect place to live as I redirect my goals. I know if I am willing to put forth the effort, the Hendersonville Rescue Mission has the potential to help me change my life.”
–Rob L.

“It is with giving praise and honor to God that we let you know that He has blessed us with a place to live. It has indeed been a blessing to have been allowed to move into the mission when we had no place to go. We truly thank God for all of you and the wonderful work you do. That God will continue to bless all of you is our prayer. We will stay in touch with you in order to give back as we have been given. With love and sincere appreciation,  ”
–Michael and Deborah S.