21-Day Program:

After guests of HRM have been with us for three days, the majority choose to enter our 21-day program. During this three week period, participants enjoy a study of the Gospel of John and work with an individual case manager to develop a daily action plan that includes applying for at least three jobs per day. For those who have no experience with applying for employment online, we provide instruction with the help of Goodwill Career Connection Center. That person is then required to bring a daily report back to their case manager. It's about making each person's time with us productive and requiring some form of accountability. If they are found to be negligent in their duties, they cannot remain at HRM.

Six Month Program:

When a guest completes the 21-day program and has found employment, they move into our 6 month program. This time at HRM includes completing our money management program (including establishing a savings goal and budgeting instruction), further counseling, and establishing a connection with a local church. It is also at this point when women with children in our program will receive parenting classes and transition to Ann's Place as their next step toward independence.

Turning Point Recovery Program

One out of every two men that come to HRM seeking help are also struggling with drug and/or alcohol addiction. Because of that, we offer our 8-month Turning Point program in an effort to break the addiction and set participants on the road to success.

For the first ten weeks of the program, clients receive counseling and spiritual guidance but are not permitted to leave the premises without an escort. From that point, we ease them into looking for work and introduce our money management program, and allow more individual time with accountability and approved visitors. As with the six month program, our goal is to move clients toward healthy, independent, productive lives with a spiritual base to guide their way.

**All those participating in any of our programs must be declared mentally stable and taking any prescribed medications in order to say at the Mission. A mental health professional from Blue Ridge Community Health Services visits clients every week.

Clothing Closet

Our clothing closet, located in our main building, depends on the generous donations of those in the community with items to share. Very often, guests at HRM come to us with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. It's essential that we have clothing available in all shapes and types to accommodate their needs to preserve their dignity.

This special ministry is also available to serve the public. Anyone in the community in need of clothing items is welcome to partake of this special ministry.

For hours of operation, call 828-697-1354.