When someone arrives at the Hendersonville Rescue Mission, our counselors meet with guests immediately to determine the length of stay necessary. The minimum is a 3 night stay, which gives us an opportunity to do further counseling and evaluation so we can help that person make the next best decision.

Men's Quarters

Our men's quarters are modest, yet clean and includes a comfortable bed, access to hot showers, and clothing as needed. All counselors and employees working in this area are also male.

Women and Children Quarters

This area also features clean, comfortable beds, showers, and access to clothing as needed. In addition, these quarters have been made suitable for young children who are under the guardianship of their mother.

Ann's Place

Making a life change is a very challenging experience, and success can be difficult without continued support and gradual transition in to a new lifestyle. That's why we have Ann's Place. Ann's Place is our transitional housing located off campus that is strictly reserved for women who have gone through our 6 month program with children and are ready to move toward total independence.

When a mother and her children move into the duplex, one side designed for a smaller family and the other for larger, the case worker still visits and supervises just enough to ensure the parent is able to cope in the more independent environment.